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EBA Lobbying

Who we are

We are trusted and qualified Government Affairs advisers to your business. By promoting the highest European standards of integrity, trustworthiness and credibility in advocacy, we help your company to establish a sustainable partnership with the government, public officials and your fellow entrepreneurs.

We contribute to creating a business climate conducive to dynamic business development. We influence policy-making in Ukraine, by maintaining and promoting relationships and reputations based on trust, integrity, accuracy and success.

What we do

We facilitate and promote a strong voice for the business community to address policy challenges. We nurture meaningful and strong relationships with the state authorities and enhance public-private dialogue. We work for a healthy business climate in Ukraine, that gives opportunities and incentives for business to productively invest in Ukraine, create jobs, and expand.

We represent our members’ interests on the national scale, dealing with both collective and individual cases. In our daily lobbying work, we focus on the promotion and implementation of the best European values and practices. Our dedicated and professional lobbying team seeks to support EBA members in their day-to-day business activity.

We endeavor to make a difference.

EBA Lobbying Efficiency 2016

EBA Code of Lobbying

  We respect integrity and honesty
  We promote zero tolerance to corruption
  We are an independent organisation
  We are open and truthful in our communication with all parties
  We aim to avoid a real or apparent conflict of interest
  We stand for professional excellence
  Duty to governmental institutions
  We protect the information entrusted to us

EBA Lobbying Tools

Deputy Director, Lobbying

Svetlana Mikhaylovska

044 496 06 01
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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